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Genspec Lifesciences is committed in bridging the gaps for healthcare professionals in improving the quality of life of their patients through innovative specialties and products. Our healthcare products are based on the needs of patients which helps healthcare professionals to Simplify Treatment, Decrease Cost & Reduce Discomfort for all.

At Genspec we welcome feedbacks and queries from Health Care professionals, patients and all associated partners.

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Your health and wellness is the primary reason for existence of Genspec. We at Genspec are committed for providing you better health and wellness through Innovative specialties and products.


Ever changing disease patterns has become an ongoing challenge for health care professionals like you who are always committed to reduce the suffering of patients. At Genspec we are committed to be your active partners in improving the health status of your patients through innovative specialties and products.

innovative Specialties and Products

Keeping to our commitment, Genspec is excited to Introduce very unique products for the 1st time in India - CQ Max and GlutaPro. Both CQ Max and GlutaPro are unique in their composition and promises to be an effective therapy in different set of patients.


Nano Curcumin Syrup


Think Creative

L-Glutamine 10gm + S.boulardii 250mg Sachet